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Tenerife South Playa San Juan
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Necessary equipment: Climbing, hiking boots, backpack, poles, Gortex jacket, sweater, T-shirt to change, Onion-skin clothing is ideal, headlamp for night hiking or tunnel walking, sun hat and sunscreen.

For do not forget your bathing costume for use after walking! * The Tenerife coast has a temprate climate throughout the year, but once you get to 900 meters, it is a little cooler. 2000m and above, one should always be fitted out well, as it involves hiking in the mountain range.

In July-August it will be very warm, but never extreme. We then travel more in the laurel forest, on mount Teide and in the north, where it is always colder. In the winter time snow can lie on mount Teide! In particular meterological conditions are subject to changes in the program. A travel insurance is recommended! Participation in the events at your own risk.

You should be in sound health to take part in hiking, especially when ascending mount Teide.
  • Good hiking boots
  • Backpack for a big waterbottle and picknick
  • Walking Sticks
  • Gore-Tex Jacket
  • Sweater
  • 3 -4 T-Shirt to change
  • 2 hiking-trousers
  • headlamp for night hiking
  • sun hut and sunscreen
  • Swimming suite
  • Aspiring and other 1st aid stuff
  • Dress for evening
We reccomend a travel assurance!