La Palma
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Area size: 734 km2, 85 km distance to Tenerife
Capital: Santa Cruz de La Palma.
Approximately 90,000 inhabitants called "Palmeros".

La Palma is also known as Isla Bonita (the beautiful island), enchanted with the unique and rich vegetation, especially the beautiful mountains suitable for hiking. It is one of the smaller western islands of the archipelago and shouldn't be confused with Las Palmas; the capital of Gran Canaria. It is geologically very young and the most active of all the volcanic islands. Its centre is the 8 km wide and 1500m deep Taburiente, which was declared a National Park in 1954. The steep cliffs of the caldera rise up to 2000m and the Roque de los Muchachos (2426m) tower over the highest mountain on the island. Here you'll find the international astronomical observatory, the Telescope is managed by the Instituto de Astrofisica de Canarias.

The ridge of the caldera continues in the Cumbre, a north-south running mountain range, turning part of the island into a humid and a dry east side/west side divide. The island has many different microclimates, so that the different climatic zones lie close together. Of particular note, the laurel forest of Los Tiloswhich in 1983 was denoted as bio-deveristy reserver by UNESCO. This is in stark contrast to the still volcanically active south, complete with its bizarre lava landscapes. The Teneguia volcano last erupted in 1971.

La Ruta de Los Vulcanes: The trail begins at the Refuge de El Pilar to an altitude of 1400m and leads to the plateau, la Deseada, at 1950m. The hike ends at Fuencaliente to 750m in a small village of Los Canarios, where you can sample excellent local wines. (Moderate, 6-7 hours, 500 m + -)

Caldera Taburiente: The walk starts at about 1000m and descends into the Las Angustias Gorge (Barranco), which is traversed by a brook which we pass through frequently. (Average, 6 hours, 650 m -) One of the most spectacular walks in La Palma.

Pico de Las Nieves – Roque de Los Muchachos: From Pico de las Nieves we walk to the Astrological Observatory (one of the most important in Europe) at Roque de los muchacho, an unforgettable experience ... (Average, 6 hours, 600 m + 150 m-)
Punta Gorda: Hike through a lush rural landscape with many trees and typical Canary Island dragon cave dwellings with the ocean always in view. (easy, 3 h, 200 m + -)
Los Tiles: Hike through the park through a dense laurel forest. A sub-tropical, prehistoric forest with giant ferns interspersed. Today, many of these types of laurel in southern Europe are extinct and are considered living "relics" which are under nature protection. (Medium, 5 h, 400 m + -)

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