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Welcome to Trekking Tenerife!

Hiking to the highest  mountain from Spain:

Let's discover together the most beautiful and  natural places in the 

most diverse Island of the Canarian Archipelago!


You can only experience the nature, countryside and people of the "happy island" if you go on foot!

In small groups or just on your own, we can guide you through the most beautiful areas of the "Queen of the Canary Islands".Tenerife is the most diverse island of the archipelago.

- We arrange the permission from the National Park to allow you to climb the last 150 m to the top of Mount Teide.

- We can organize and provide information for your  trek without guide and give you assistence.

- From Tenerife you get easily to the other western Islands of Gomera, El Hierro and La Palma where we arrange treks around the islands.

If you would like to book a single trek or a whole week  of trekking, please contact us via e-mail

Offering  Highlights in Tenerife: 

Masca-Gorge walk, an exiting walkingtour  through the gorge and with boattrip back along the  " Los Gigantes" cliffs to Los Gigantes Port.

Teidetop hikingtour:  With us climbing the highest mountain of Spain,  Mount Teide 3718 m, in the  Nationalpark and World Heritage of 2007! 

 Vilaflor - Lunar-Landscape, a very special walking tour trough the magical pinetree forest to a very special rock-of lava ashes.


I look forward to seeing you , Christine Laabmayr

 Contact us for a beautiful trekking holiday on Tenerife, La Gomera, El Hierro and La Palma.

Per email:   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Mobil: 0034699165723


You can only experience the nature, countryside and people of the "happy islands" if you go by foot!
In small groups or just on your own, we can guide you through the most beautiful areas of the "queen of the canaries".
Tenerife is the most diverse island of the canaries. We can also arrange permission from the National Park to allow you to climb the last 150m to the top of Mount Teide!
We can  organise and provide necessary information for your trek without a guide.
From Tenerife you can easily get to the other Western islands of La Gomera, La Palma and El Hierro, where we also arrange treks. If you would like to book a single trek or a whole week of trekking,
please contact us via email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , or phone +34 922138689 (landline), +34 69916572 (mobile). We look forward to seeing you!
Christine Laabmayr
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Trekking up mount Teide





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10 Giorni

Punti forti del viaggio nel desserto di Marocco:

  • Visita della Citta' Reale di Marrakesch
  • 3 giorni trekking con il Camello attraverso il desserto del Sud di Marocco
  • Viaggio pernottamenti in Hotel con mezza pension
  • Guida del viaggio: guida del desserto maroccana e accompagnatore italiano


1.giorno: Arrivo a Marrakesch: dopo il check-in nel Riad-Hotel in Marakesch, camminata attraverso la citta' storica con impressioni della affascinante vita orientale.

2.giorno: Una visita guidata attraverso Marrakesch, con le cose storiche da vedere e visita della Medina, prima di partire per il viaggio attraverso il desserto. Strada di Kasbahs: Il minibus ci porta su una strada tortuosa sul passo di Tizi-N-Tichka-Pass (2.260 m ) e attraverso il meraviglioso Massiccio del Atlas fino a Agdz, una piccola cittadina nella Valle del Draa. Pernottamento nel vicino viaggio Tamnougalte nella pittoresca Kasbah Itrane.

3.giorno: per arrivare in Sud-Marokko a Zagora, attraversiamo molti verdi Oasi di Palme di datteri: durante il trekking di 3 giorni attraverseremo il desserto con i camelli passando per oasi e dune di sabbia immensi e infinite. Nelle Oasi consceremo la autentica vita dei abitanti del posto e le loro tradizioni che vengono praticati da centinaie di anni. Molto interessante e' quando in ottobre vengono raccolto i datteri, ma anche in primavera quando nelle Oasen tutto diventa verde e pieno di fiori meravigliosi.

4.giorno: Camminate di 3-4 ore nel desserto e Oasi di Palme, accompagnati dai camelli, pernottamento in hotel

5.giorno: camminate di 3-4- ore nel desserto e Oasi di palme, accompagnati da camelli, pernottamento in hotel

6.giorno: Dopo il trekking di 3 giorni partiamo dalla Sahara in Minibus. Nel villaggio Tamegroute (a sud di Zagora) visitiamo una biblioteca con 4.000 scritture preziose del 12.- 16. secolo e una fabrica artigianale di terracotta. Verso le 13,00 arriviamo nella pittoresca cittadina Kasbah Itrane, dove ci si riposa delle strapazi del trekkingtour. Pernottamento.

7.giorno: partiamo da Kasbah Itrane e il bus ci porta attraversando il Alto Atlante indietro fino a Marakesch. Pernottamento a Marakesch.

8.giorno: Partenza per l Italia.

Per un prezzo su misura scrivete per mail a : c This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it o chiamateci a 0034 699165723




Trekking and hiking in Tenerife


 Masca Gorge walk: We start from the romantic old village and go through a really impressive gorge. after 3 hours we arrive to the natural, wild bay of Masca. The clear water of the atlantic invites us to take a swim or we just relax on the beach. A boat will bring us back to the habour of Los Gigantes. With luck we can sometimes watch the dolphins which inhabit this area near the big cliffs called “Los Gigantes". (medium grade, 3 hours. Its possible to walk it down or up: descent/ascent 650 m)




Mount Teide - Volcano Walking tour : We start from 2300 m on a large footpath in the middle of the big caldera "Cañada del Teide". We pass the famous "huevos del Teide" - big lava deposits -  and arrive near the top of Montaña Blanca. Now we follow a small and steep footpath which brings us up to the refuge "Altavista"(3260m). After a short stop we continue on a well prepared footpath through an amazing lava landscape till we arrive to the cablecar station. Now we have to show our permits from the park-office to the rangers and than we tackle the last 150 m till we arrive on the summit of Spain's highest peak! We have an impressive view of the crater and distant views of Gomera, La Palma, Gran Canaria and over Tenerife. Descent is by cable car. (difficult grade,  5 hours, 1400 m ascent)





 Guajara – Vilaflor: We start from "Parador National" in the Cañada del Teide (2100 m)and walk a very panoramic footpath just till arriving under the big basalt rockcliffs of Guajara - 3th highest peak of the National Park 2715 m. After a rest with marvelous views we continue our walk down to the pine forest, crossing volcanic landscapes of special beauty. After 4 hours we reach the "Paesaje Lunar". A quick rest and then we follow the foothpath through forests till Vilaflor (1400m). Very beautiful panoramic walk. (difficult, 6-7 hours. Ascent 600m, decent 1200m).




Mondlandschaft  Vilaflor – Lunar landscape:  We begin and end out walking tour in this old mountain village. The footpath brings us first to a typical rural area with cultivated terraces and almond and fig trees. After half an hour we walk through a wonderfully aromatic pinetree forest. On arrival, we rest at the strange rock sculptures called "Paesaje Lunar". (medium grade,  hours, ascent and descent 450 m )



El Cinyero circel - walking tour : A very special lava landscape let us relive the last eruption of Tenerife in 1909 when Volcana El Cinyero (1400 m high) caused disconcerted locals or ten days. The picuresque contrast of black lavafields  and green pinetrees present very special scenery . (Easy grade , 3 hours, Ascent and descent 200 m ).


El Portillo


 El Portillo – Montana Blanca: After visiting the interesting Museum in El Portillo, our footpath brings us in a fantastic Western landscape. Always looking towards  Teide's summit in front of us we walk till arriving at the famous volcanic deposits called: ”Huevos del Teide" (teide-eggs 2700m). We reach the  Montaña Blanca top and have a great view over "Las Cañadas"  an enormous caldera. During our descent we will see a lot of obsidians and pomice-stones (easy grade, 4 hours , ascent 480m, descent 200m).


Silos – Erjos : We start in Garachico on the north coast and traverse the different levels of vegetation. First past the villas with banana and fruit plantations, we arrive at the typical thick-leaf plant and cactus vegetation. Next we reach the low Fayal Brezal scrub forest and finally reach the dense laurel forest. Botanically one of the most interesting areas. In the small mountain village Erjos we are finally at the finish. (Medium., 5 hrs 800m +, and vice versa

Buenavista – El Bailadero: At Buena Vista we start on a rocky trail with a steep rise in altitude. The steep climb through the high pastures affords stunning views of the North Coast. We cross the pasture at Teno Alto and reach the small hamlet of El Bailadero, famous for its excellent goat's cheese, which of course we can try with a glass of wine. (Demanding, 4 hours, 600m +)

El Bailadero – Baracan: From the small hamlet of Teno Alto, we hike on the mountain ridge, with magnificent views over the village of El Palmar and the island of La Gomera in the blue Atlantic. (Medium, 3 h + 200 m).

Garachico – San Juan de Reparo: We follow a rapidly rising zig zag path with stunning views over the town of Garachico and the north coast, arriving in the town of San Juan. (Mild, 2.5 hrs 500M +).

El Cinyero – Rundweg: This hike takes us through the landscape of the last volcanic eruption on Tenerife, "El Cinyero" in December 1909. The contrast of black lava and green pine trees is particularly charming. The lava and ash dumps are impressive. (Easy, 3 hours, 200 + -).

Las Fuentes: This hike takes you through the Canary Island's rural countryside with old houses, man-made terraces and the typical caves. (Easy, 3 hrs, 250 + / -)

Las Portelas – Santiago del Teide: Part of a tightrope walk with magnificent views and the typical meteorological divide between north and south sides. Heath and laurel forests, alternating with the Crassulaceae family. Finally, a somewhat steeper descent to Santiago del Teide, where we visit an old country house. (Medium, 3 hours, 300 + / -)

Montana Samara – Montana Reverenda: The trail going through the lava fields is of great interest and we are already in the high mountain area with views of Teide and Pico Viejo. (light, 2.5 hours, 200 + / -)

Bejia – Batanes: This is a charming circuitous walk in the Anaga mountains. The journey to our starting point is through the dense forest Mercedes. The trail begins in the hamlet called Bejia and leads ancient terraces that are still partly cultivated up to present day. we carry on through some dark water-bearing tunnels, so take a headlamp! (Average, 4 hours, 250 meters + / -)

Chamorga – Rundweg: This trail in the eastern part of Tenerife is certainly one of the most beautiful, taking us to the Chamorga lighthouse, pointing the way for the ships at night. The cliffs drop away below us; wild and enchanting. (average, 4 hours, 400 meters + / -)

Cruz del Carmen – Punta de Hidalgo: From a laurel forest, we descend to Cinamada and on to Punta del Hidalgo. The differences in the climate zones are starkly apparent, each with their repsective typical flora. A great experience. (Average, 5 hours, 700 -)

Punta de Hidalgo – Cinamada: From the coast of Punta de Hidalgo We continually climb up a path carved into the rock that leads through cactus and euphorbia. The ancient volcanic rocks stratified in their red and brown hues stand out from the blue of the Atlantic. There are always breathtaking views of the sea and the surrounding rocky valleys. Arriving at the old cave village Cinamada, we return to the bar "La Cueva". (medium 3 h, 600 m +)

La Caldera - Los Organos: The trail begins in the north of the caldera, a beautiful picnic area with barbeques. We walk through a pine forest up to the Organos; a basalt rock formations shaped like organ pipes. The trail ends back at the starting point. Occasionally the fog creep up from below making the the landscape very mysterious. (Intermediate, 5 hr, 400 m + / -)

Las Canadas - Pico Viejo: This is a Climb to Tenerife's second highest volcano (3150m), through one of the most impressive lava landscapes, this arduous path leads up to 800 m wide crater diameter. (very challenging, 4 hrs, 1200m + / ??- or by cable car to the valley) and many more.


The smaller neighbouring islands of Tenerife are easy to reach by boat. Los Cristianos port has daily ferries by Fred Ohlsen and Navieras Armas.Tickets are available right on the harbour.

The islands are especially beautiful for hiking, because they are still very primitive. Old Canarian traditions or clearly visible in some of the smaller villages. We therefore recommend a few days to schedule a visit. It is ideal after a week's hiking in Tenerife to spend two to three day visiting La Gomera. During a two-week stay, we recommend a four-island tour. On the small islands, we recommend smaller hotels and guesthouses with typical Canarian fare.

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